Rima is the Star of BGC9

All of the other hoes are so concerned about what Rima is doing. Why does whack ass Erika care if she was invited somewhere if she doesn’t like the PABs and doesn’t want to be around the PABs? I knew I was going to hate this bitch as soon as she opened her mouth about running the house and how it was her and her crew. She doesn’t run shit and the “Punk Ass Bitches” are running her. They are using her and pulling her strings. Everyone wants Rima gone, but Rima is going to stay and everyone that opposes her will pack their bags and go before the season is over. Why would punk ass Erika want to control her friends like that? Why is Christina being her puppet when she was cool with Rima and Rima hasn’t done shit to her? Wow, Christina… You are all muscle and no brains. Julie needs to not have even been cast. She needed to be on season 8 with all of the whack bitches. Falen, can you do something besides try to be funny during your interviews? I really like “Swag” in the first episode, but she is clearly whack and just trying to fit in with everyone. Ashley, who? Char, why are you back? Go home. I didn’t want you around during season 6 and and I don’t want you now. Without Kori and Jessica fighting for you, you might not last long. Calm your tits “Obama”. At the end of the day Rima is the star and everything is about Rima and bitches trying to get rid of Rima and failing. It sucks that these girls are going to start fucking with her home life, sending emails to people she knows and shit. Keep all of that in the house, but why are you taking it to a whole ‘nother lever? I still don’t understand why they hate Rima. Her showing her ass didn’t get you kicked out of any clubs. Her not bathing before going into a jacuzzi didn’t affect you. She probably didn’t want to shower and then have to shower again once she got out. Anyway, Erika is a punk ass bitch snitch that thinks she runs shit just because she is Lucci Vee or whatever, but in all actually she is getting run. Rima isn’t going anywhere. Keep coming for her, replacements have to come sooner or later.

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